Meet Dr. Sykes

Dr. D.Sykes

Deborah A. Sykes, DBA is a dynamic speaker, educator, small business owner, and soon to be published author. Dr. Sykes as she is known to many as, has made a tremendous impact on the lives of people, especially to those who have struggled to find their footing in their careers or personal lives. Her messages are creatively fused with her own testimony of success and failures and her style is electrifying, authentic, direct, yet movingly transparent.

As CEO of Sykes Training Solutions, LLC. Dr. Sykes’s company provides state of the art training to reputable organizations and higher education institutions seeking to increase productivity and performance to achieve organizational success through effective training and development. STS offers an array of training and development services, with specialties ranging from Customer Service (Onboarding & Sustainment) training to leadership coaching and much more.

Dr. Sykes’s journey is one of perseverance, tenacity, drive, unwavering faith, and belief that one has everything they need to be successful, but in order to gain success one must first conquer self. A perfect example of her quote, “Success is knocking. Get out of your way”. Drawing on her own personal experiences as it relates to career setbacks, toxic work environments, self-image, sexism and an array of additional hurdles, Dr. Sykes puts her life under the spot light from which gleams life changing, dynamic and inspiring messages that positively impacts the lives of people from around the world.

Dr. Sykes is a huge advocate of education. While her parents, collectively only obtained a GED they encouraged her to scale the heights of education, to believe that anything is achievable if she believed in herself and worked hard. Dr. Sykes obtained her Bachelors of Business Administration from Columbus State University in 2003, a Master’s of Science from Troy University in 2006 and in 2012 she received her Doctorate of Business Administration from Argosy University, the youngest in her class. When you speak to Dr. Sykes she will share with you that obtaining her doctorate was never the initial goal, becoming a lawyer was. However, her journey took her in another direction… the right direction full of endless opportunities.

Since she could remember, Dr. Sykes has always maintained an unyielding commitment to community service. Most of her efforts have been in helping to cure community hunger by partnering with and working side by side many non-profit organizations that share her passion to serve. Her most recent contributions of service have been with Make the Homeless Smile Atlanta (MTHSA). She believes if we all just show up, lend a helping hand, address a need then our communities will thrive. It takes not one, but us all to make a difference.

Dr. Sykes is a living example, the model of perseverance, determination, hard work and success. It took years for her to walk in her purpose, to garner the courage to share her testimony to not only empower, but equip others with the tools needed to achieve success. In her upcoming book, What Next? Surviving a Layoff she outlines the importance of not only having a plan, but how to execute it to rebound from unforeseen setbacks, but most importantly to never give up!

" You have everything you need to be successful! "
~ Dr. Sykes

Dr. D.Sykes

Why Choose Dr. Sykes?


Dr. Sykes exemplifies passion coupled with an unyielding desire to connect and be open with her audience.


Honesty builds credibility! Her messages are just that, honest. People don’t grow from glossed over messages. They learn and grow from honest testimonies/experiences.


Her mission in life is wrapped up in one word, IMPACT! “If I positively impact the life of at least one person, then I've served my purpose" ~ Dr. Sykes


Natural Speaker! She is unafraid to be vulnerable and is sensitive to the audience needs.


While formally educated, Dr. Sykes believes her life journey and experiences have been her greatest teacher. Her belief is that we all must remain in a state of learning.


High Energy, Exciting, Moving, Thought Provoking! Dr. Sykes through her messages not only inspires, but provides listeners with the tools and best practices to bring about change in their lives.

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